Decoration Shelf


Beautiful shelving for living room

Beautiful shelving for living room

► Material: MDF moisture

► Price: 80$

► Set includes:

– 2 rectangular boxes

– 1 horizontal bar 40 * 15

– 2 horizontal bars 60 * 15

– 1 set of leaves

► Colors: Red, black, white, or on request.

► Size: Rectangle: 41 * 20 * 10

squares: 16 * 16 * 10

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Although you have enough equipment, you still feel the walls of your house are empty, monotonous with an empty array. Then do not hesitate to choose a wooden shelves, beautiful decorate the walls to create more new and more lively.

Choose for any large wall

Shelf U-shaped wooden shelves: The U-Shelf is usually small size so it fits all the space on the wall. With large walls you can also use a variety of colored wooden shelves, arrange them your way, but you should consider not putting too many shelves on a wall because it is easy to mess with the eyes.


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