Decoration Shelf


Luxurious dining room rectangular

Material: MDF moisture
►Price set: 55$

45 * 25 * 10 cm – 40 * 20 * 10 cm – 35 * 15 * 10 cm

Color: Black, red, white, blue, yellow, purple, …. on request.

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Dining room is always a place for members to reunite, have fun chatting after a long day of work tired. Therefore, the dining room always needs a warm, gentle space so that your family and friends will always feel comfortable, cozy.

Wooden wall hanging is always the highlight of your home, dining room and kitchen are always a lot of furniture, tools necessary for the family. But you do not know how to arrange them neat, tidy, easy to use but still have aesthetics?

Kick of your heels will introduce you the beautiful wooden shelves for dining room decoration, eye-catching, elegant and neat.

With this unique wall-hanging form, you can not miss it. Rectangular box combined with soft, just fine, eye catching. The color of black, white is very prominent, luxurious, accompanied by colorful decorations make your space become warm, more vivid.

With light colors like this should choose a shelf with hot colors to highlight, highlight in your home. The combination of squares, rectangles together is always in harmony, aesthetics. Also squares, rectangles to create accents when combined with horizontal bars, walls in your home will not be empty or too simple.

Sometimes the dining room also needs to be gentle, attractive, loving, family affection. It’s not simply a family meal, a story or a concern that it’s a lot of it comes from your actions, how you make the living space warm, rich and interesting. how. Your family, or the guests who come to your home, will enjoy it, feel friendly, comfortable. To do that is not difficult, with the unique wall shelves such as LOVE, shelf, rectangular shelf, horizontal bar, … a lot of shelves suitable for you to renew the living space of friend.

There are also many other wall shelves for dining room decor that you should not miss.

Although space is small or large can be arranged neat, beautiful. L-shaped shelves, S-shelves, or U-shaped shelves and unique shelf combinations such as shelf, rectangular shelf and square box, … bring beautiful beauty, comfortable, cozy for your house. It is not too difficult to do that, the wall-mounted shelf is always the best choice, saving both space and money.

Kick of your heels will help you do that easily.


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