Decoration Shelf

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Wooden shelves decorated rectangular combined horizontal bar

Material: MDF green core moisture resistant

► Price set: 80$

► Size:

– 1 box: 40x32x10 cm

– 2 small boxes: 27x16x10 cm

► Set includes:

– 2 sets of rectangular cages

– 1 horizontal bar 40cm long, 15cm deep

– 2 horizontal bars 60cm long, 15cm deep

– 2 leaves

► Colors: Red, black, white, pink, blue, green, purple, … or as required.

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The shelves are delicately designed with slender lines, which are very suitable when you decorate the room.

Kick of your heels living room shelves are designed for homeowners like you. Satisfying versatility in use, neatly designed to create a comfortable and comfortable living space in a modest area.

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Weight 15 kg


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