Decoration Shelf



► Material: MDF moisture

► Price: 65$

► Set includes:

– 1 shelf

– 1 horizontal bar 80 * 15

– 1 horizontal bar 60 * 15

– 1 horizontal bar 40 * 15

► Colors: Red, black, white, or on request.

► Size: 3 shelf: 90cm high and 20cm deep

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You have a lot of books and there are also large walls, so why do not you think of putting up those shelf in the wall, that would be a good idea. This type of bookshelf will save you most of space, avoid wasting space, and design designs, shelves, sizes and colors of bookshelves, styles and colors. Of the books will be decorative patterns make the room becomes more unique, fancy than ever

Imagine you have a room where all four sides are decorated with wall-mounted bookshelves, plus the open space of the glass-topped room to receive natural light. would definitely do a great “hit” design.

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