Decoration Shelf


L-shaped bookshelf

► Material: MDF moisture

► Price: 65$

► Set includes:

– 4 L-shaped shelves

– 2 horizontal bars 80 * 15

► Colors: Red, black, white, or on request.

► Size: L Shelf: 80cm high, 20cm deep, 15cm deep

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You have absolute passion for books, you have a lot of different books. When you finish reading, you do not want them to be left out of the corner and want to leave them in an easy spot in your home, so choose a good shelf for your favorite books to shine. .

The books are neatly arranged

The bookshelves will be where the books are arranged neatly, neatly. Bookshelf has many floors with compact design so it can fit into any space in your room. Books are close friends of the reader, sure no one wants to throw books indiscriminately, the book will be happy when it is placed on a beautiful shoe holder. Arranging your dear books is also the way you express love books.


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