Decoration Shelf

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► Material: Moisture resistant MDF

► Price: 60

► Set includes:

– 4 fan-shaped shelves

► Colors: Red, Black, White, or on request. (Available retail)

► Dimension: Fan shelf: 75cm high 25cm and deep 15cm

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Bookshelf is not only an ideal tool to keep books neat, neat but also a new decorative point. Reasonable price bookshelves that you can not ignore if you are looking to design bookshelves for your home more impressive to attract all eyes.

With the creation of non-stop over time, today’s bookshelf is no longer designed monotonous anymore, instead of the shelves – strange eye-catching. Our bookshelves are special when you put them in your house with a new, subtle and youthful color. Make more choices for your new and unique home. Follow the Kick of your heels to find beautiful bookshelves tree branches impressive to find a template suitable for your family.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 75 x 45 x 25 cm


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